SIP Trunking

Global SIP Trunks for Call Centres fromCallnFax

SIP trunks from CallnFax

Inbound Scalability

call originationScalability of simultaneous calls sets CallnFax apart from our competitors. In most cases, we can scale an inbound number upwards in just a few minutes (some locations may take a few days). Most DID's have 2 channels in their standard configuration, with scalability to 1000 channels. Customers may consult with our engineers when determining the optimal bandwidth needed in high-volume settings. We provide excelent support after the sale!

Choice of Rate Plans

pricingCallnFax offers a choice of call billing plans to meet the needs of any business. From 1000 channels of dedicated 24/7 flat-rate bandwidth to 1000 channels of available per-minute channel banks, we have your solution. For Call Centres with heavy call-volume for at least half of the day, the flat rate option will be the most cost-effective. We can arrange for a group of DID's to share the same channel bank (sold in paks of 100 channels) making our DID's extremely cost-efficient!

Types of Channel Banks

channel typesCallnFax offers configuration options for channel capacity, to suit the needs of your business.

We have a shared channel bank system, that allows a group of DID's to share a single channel bank. These channel banks are sold in sets of 100 channels, and essentially any number of DID's can be assigned to share the bank. Shared channel banks are use-when-needed and have both a monthly and per minute fee. The cost is dependant upon the number of channels, the number of shared DID's, and the call volume.
We also offer fully dedicated channel banks for clients with the absolute highest demands. These flat-rate channel banks may be scaled to any value from 2 to 1000 simultaneous calls on a single DID with no limits and no per minute charges. CallnFax delivers the most reliable service, in the most demanding environments, and with completely manageable costs.

These services are all billed monthly with no long-term commitments.

Outbound Call Scaling

service scalabilityNew accounts receive 10 channels of simultaneous outbound service. Customers may request additional channels to be supported for their outbound traffic. Customers needing more than 10 channels should open a support ticket after Logging in to their dashboard. Depending upon the number of channels requested, customers may be requested to maintain certain balance requirements or provide additional credit and payment options. Our system is happy to support any volume of traffic and our desired SIP codec is G729.