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A-Z Termination

call terminationA-Z Global Termination from CallnFax is designed for clients requiring optimal voice quality, minimal post-dial delay, and reliable delivery of Caller ID. Most of our routes are carrier direct when using the G729 codec delivering near landline call quality.
We never use “grey” or unreliable calling routes. Our network centres and servers employ carrier-neutral, redundant tier1 connections, and our AnyCast DNS platform always routes calls along the fastest route. By employing “a redundantly-redundant” architecture, network bottlenecks are mitigated automatically, trouble spots avoiding completely, and calls are delivered quickly, reliably, and with the highest call quality..


Termination BillingCallnFax utillizes a pre-paid account system where customers fund their calling account and call-costs are debited from the balance. Our billing is mostly 6-second billing with some areas 30 second. We accept most credit cards and PayPal payents for deposits. For new accounts, CallnFax may require additional information to verify payments and ensure customer security. For established customers, payments are applied to accounts in real-time. Your customer dashboard delivers your call statistics, enables account top-up, and managing balance notifications.

Making Calls

Making CallsCallnFax accepts Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) traffic from authenticated sources. Customers will receive SIP authentication details and these may be configured into your PBX, desk phone, softphone, mobile app, or wherever SIP calls are supported. Basic set up configurations are published for each account. This allows outbound and inbound calls in many locations, with the only requirement being an internet connection.

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