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Call Origination

call originationCall Origination or Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service allows users to purchase inbound telephone service from almost any city, in almost every country. This means that a Call Centre or Business requiring a local, national, or Toll Free presence in a particular location, can do so, even when they are located in a completely different country. CallnFax maintains a global inventory of these DID's, with a very extensive list of coverage areas, essentially serving every economic and population centre. This means expanding your business reach, improving accessibility to your customers, and facilitating huge cost-reductions by eliminating long-distance charges. CallnFax possesses the knowledge and experience that a decade of delivering successful voice solutions.

call originationOur coverage includes virtually every country and every economic and population centre. We carry local, national, mobile, and Toll Free service to meet the needs of Call Centres and enterprise requiring a global footprint. Toll Free numbers include 300 channels in most locations and may be scaled upwards. Local, national, and mobile numbers arrive with 2 channels of simultaneous calling and may also be scaled upwards. CallnFax offers both flat-rate and per-minute calling plans. Our billing is on a monthly basis and we do not require any long term contracts. The majority of our routes are carrier direct and we deliver superlative call quality, suitable for the most demanding environment. Our codec preference is G729, which essentially guarantees reliability, call quality, and minimal post-dial delay. Customers have access to Call Detail Records with easy call export.

Choice of Locations

service coverageCallnFax offers truly global coverage, allowing enterprise to extend their business footprint to almost any location. Offering local telephone numbers instills a sense of security for clients and Toll Free numbers convey a sense of trust and permanency that a website simply cannot. The monthly cost of service is extremely low, with many locations around USD $10 per month, flat rate. Our flat rate pricing is exactly that; no “caps” or “fair use policy” that results in unexpected costs. You save or bypass international charges, per minute charges, and expand your business.

Choice of Numbers

number typesCallnFax offers local, national, mobile, and Toll Free service, yeilding redundant coverage for many locations. Toll Free numbers do have a monthly and per minute charge. The per minute charges range from USD $0.03 per minute, to USD $0.15 per minute. Upon purchase, the functioning number is delivered instantly and can easily be configured for your PBX system. CallnFax offers a graphical dashboard that makes call routing simple.


scalabilityScalability allows customers to increase the number of calling channels, from 2 to 1000 channels for local, national, and mobile numbers. That means we can support 2 to 1000 simultaneous calls for almost any DID. Toll Free numbers come with 300 channels standard and may also be scaled upwards. When scaling your service, we offer both flat rate and per minute options to best serve your business model. If you have any questions, please send us a contact request.

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