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High-Volume Origination Service



CallnFax is pleased to introduce High-Capacity Call Origination for Call Centers


CallnFax has continued to expand our infrastructure and we are happy to introduce volume capacity call origination.

Each DID comes with a minimum of 100 channels, and we can provide you with up to 1000 simultaneous channels. 

This service is oriented towards very high volume operations and includes more than just "A Telephone Number".




Subscribers to this new service receive the following benefits:

24/7 Dedicated Technical Staff
A dedicated account representative
Dedicated Inbound Trunk with sub-domain
Discounts on optional High-Availability Services


Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support


CallnFax is a service oriented voice carrier. We cater to business, and we understand your needs for reliability, communication, and quality. Your business depends upon completed calls, and CallnFax delivers that requirement with a redundant, robust and efficient architecture. Your high-volume inbound traffic will arrive via your own hosted sub-domain, on our state-of-the-art anycast DNS. Your inbound traffic arrives fast, accurately, and reliably no matter where you are located. Whether you need 100 or 1000 simultaneous channels, CallnFax delivers your calls.

CallnFax utilizes a 2-tier account support system. You will have a single dedicated representative, who is your first contact person for all of your needs. All of your services, billing, and technical needs, will flow through a single contact person. As a customer, all you need to do is contact your service representative and they will address your needs. Our second level support may contact you directly, and custom configurations may be addressed directly by our engineers.

CallnFax delivers concierge level support, and we strive to develop a personal relationship with our clients. Your dedicated service rep will get to know your business, and you business needs, helping us to deliver the best service for you.



CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business! 

Dedicated Trunking

Dedicated Trunk

CallnFax delivers dedicated SIP trunking that is unique in our industry. You will receive a custom sub-domain (for example yourname.callnfax.com), allowing your dedicated traffic to flow along our anycast name servers.

This means your business will benefit from faster DNS lookups, massive redundancy, and carrier-neutral connectivity. Regardless of where you and your caller are located, your traffic will arrive fast, reliably, and with uncompromising quality.

VoIP quality of service (QOS) demands in large call centers is substantial. Reducing hops, minimizing latency, and eliminating data loss are all carefully managed along our dedicated SIP trunks. Further, we offer valuable add-on features to enhance your service.

Check out our options tab to discover the valuable add-ons that CallnFax has to offer. Our add-ons are all designed to improve and manage your services.



CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business!

Fail Over Options

Fail-Over Options

CallnFax offers valuable add-on options to enhance your services. We offer high-availability, fail over, and monitoring options, designed to maximize your business potential.
CallnFax offers a choice of well priced dedicated and virtual private server options allowing call centers to add backup solutions with minimal investment. Servers arrive with full root access, your choice of OS, and served along our network. Learn More…

CallnFax offers server monitoring with a focus on VoIP and useful alerts. We can monitor almost any server utilizing customizable probes; SIP port, HTTP port 80, ping, and other useful information can be queried, recorded and reported to users. As a volume user, knowing your network and server status is very useful.

CallnFax also offers a fail over option, with 1-minute probes and two fail over locations. In the case a server becomes unresponsive, fail over to the first accessible location occurs within 2 minutes of a detected failure. Fail back is automatic and occurs as soon as the primary location responds to two non-simultaneous probes.


CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business!

What does all of this service cost?

CallnFax offers a number of purchasing options, designed to suit your requirements.
Custom solutions are always invited (fill out form below).
Minimum channel purchase: 100 channels
Price is USD $1.00/channel per month, with discounts on orders of 250 channels or more.

We offer 2 basic solutions for pricing our Call Center volume solutions:

    • A monthly fee including a package of minutes

      Includes your choice of virtual number location, additional locations may be added
      Includes a package of minutes used across your channels
      Additonal minutes beyond your package are usually 1 cent per minute
      Minimum charge is $150 per month, some locations have higher fees

  • A low monthly fee, with NO Minutes included

    Includes your choice of virtual number location, additional locations may be added
    You are charged 2.5 cents per minute for all incoming calls
    Minimum charge is $100 per month, some locations have higher fees

Volume Virtual Number Locations

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