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15 December 2014


Announcing Vanity Number Finder:
Recently a number of area code locations have become hot commodities.  Areas such as Toronto & New York city have a very high demand for their best known area codes (416 & 212).  Companies pay a premium for telephone numbers in these high demand areas. Toronto 416 telephone numbers regularly go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Specific numbers, such as 212 XXX SALE or 416 XXX BEST can command very high prices. CallnFax has a large inventory of these hard to find area codes and we do not charge premium prices for them. If you need a specific telephone number, we will attempt to locate it for you and purchase it on your behalf. This service starts at $20, but may increase for very hard to find numbers. Best of all, you pay nothing unless we are successful. 


Telephone numbers from these area codes promote a sense of security to your customers, because of their easy recognition.  Almost everyone recognizes area code 212, and a telephone number from this area helps give your business a positive look. Best of all, with CallnFax you only pay regular rates for these high demand area codes.


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15 September 2014


We have been very busy at CallnFax, improving our services.

Earlier this year, we made major upgrades in our infrastructure. We added improved DNS resolution, by adding Anycast DNS service, added additional redundancy for improved reliability and implemented new security features. These improvements are really in the category of "what you don't see"; meaning functionality transparent to the user. Though transparent, critical requirements such as uninterrupted connectivity, reliable security & minimal latency are basics of good internet based telephony. 

Recently, we implemented a new web site, with a responsive & easy to use content management system. Customers have improved ability to find origination products, termination rates & accompanying services. Our new site is easier to use on mobiles, more secure & better organized. All of us at CallnFax are proud of our improved user experience & services.

One of the enhancements that we are very excited about is our Visual Call Flow Builder. This free feature is a fully functional PBX system, that is included with every virtual telephone number purchase.  You can easily configure auto-attendants (IVR), call queues, ring groups, fax, voicemail, time conditions and much more. No coding or programming is needed. Change your options any time, from your PC or mobile. 


 Visual Call Flow Builder


16 September 2014

Choosing a Virtual Telephone Number (DID) Product

CallnFax offers 3 different types of direct inward dialing numbers (DID), also called virtual telephone numbers. Our standard virtual telephone numbers cover almost the entire globe. We cover more than 60 countries & thousands of cities. Essentially, you can purchase an inbound telephone number from anywhere, and receive those same calls almost anywhere. A family that moves from the UK to Australia, can keep a UK telephone number, and receive those calls in Australia. The best part? Nobody pays long distance charges! In most cases, you pay just one flat rate monthly fee, about $10 for most areas. Your family in the UK can call you, talk all they want and never pay more than your affordable monthly fee.  Businesses can easily add incoming telephone numbers in all of the cities they do business in. We include a free PBX system with all virtual telephone numbers, so the business owner can route calls to auto-attendants (IVR), call queues, ring groups, voice mail & other services.

We also offer Toll Free DID service from an excellent selection of locations. Toll Free DID's include unlimited channels, low monthly price and a small per minute fee when a call is received. Toll Free virtual numbers build customer trust & save your customers money when calling you. For high-volume call centers, we also offer virtual PRI (virtual E1) voice trunks. These include 30 channels for a flat rate of $50 per month. Call Centers can easily improve ROI with these great prices. No per minute charges, no limits or restrictions on use, just a great deal!

CallnFax offers great rates and great service!

The CallnFax Team






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