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Call Origination

CalnFax carries an inventory of Direct Inward Dialing (DID's) from almost everywhere. Our redundant point-of-presence and carrier direct traffic deliver the most reliable service and the highest quality. We serve hundreds of cities with local, Toll-Free, National, and Mobile numbers

Global Coverage

  • 80 Countries Covered
  • Massive Scalability
  • Immediate Provisioning

A-Z Termination

When sending outbound trafic to CallnFax (via G729), most calls are carrier direct and consistently deliver Caller ID, minimal post-dial delay, and with the highest sound qualtiy. We never utilize "grey routes" and calls are routed via a redundant, carrier neutral facility for fastest call delivery

Quality Termination

  • All Premium Routes
  • Very Low Post-Dial Delay
  • Business Quality Service

SIP Trunks

Most of our locations can support up to 1000 simultaneous calls. Our system pipeline is fully capable of reliably delivering the most demanding of traffic requirements. With our global coverage and high-volume capacity, no matter the size of your Call centre or the demands of your traffic volume, your calls will be delivered!

Scalability and Reliability

  • Scalable from 2-1000 Channels
  • Flat-Rate and Per minute Options
  • Widest Coverage Possible

Custom Services

With a decade of building successful Voice application, we offer a wide variety of support services. From reliable VoIP servers with great connectivity, to custom built voice-apps, CallnFax can make your business work better. We have expertise in voice, video, text, and encrypted applications.

We Are VoIP Experts!

  • VoIP Server Provisioning
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Custom VoIP Apps
Call Origination

High-Volume SIP Trunks

Scalability is critical to meeting your business plan. CallnFax has been meeting the needs of the demanding client for a decade. Our inbound service can be scaled from 2 channels to 1000 per DID. We can and will meet the needs of Service Level Agreements (SLA) as well as the speedy ability to scal your service to the exact levels to ensure your agenda is satisfied. Our outbound (Termination) service is robust and utilizes carrier-neutral, redundant network centre's, and the majority of our routes are carrier-direct.

Call Termination

High-Quality Termination

What happens after a call is sent has a major impact upon your business. By utilizing redundant routing algorithms, CallnFax is able to terminate outbound traffic quickly with minimal post-dial delays. This means faster call completion, yeilding a more productive Call Centre and a better "Bottom Line". Our entire business model is focussed on the needs of the demanding Call Centre! High-volume clients receive a number of enhancements; a dedicated account agent, and the option to leverage our Anycast DNS.

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